Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maggi back with a vengeance

After recovering from complete ban on sale and production last year, Nestle's is continuously gaining traction in the instant noodles market. Maggi instant noodles now hold more than 50 per cent market share, first time since May 2015. The food major on Tuesday re-launched two variants of Maggi in tandem with its plan to strengthen the portfolio in 2016.

Since its re-launch in November last year, Maggi noodles have gained market share every month, as per Nielsen data. While in the first month, it regained 10 per cent share and reached half a million outlets across the country, by March 2016, it recaptured 51 per cent of the market. It's now available at more than two million outlets across the country. 

Maggi back with a vengeance

"Maggi is going to re-grow further in coming months as it is now available in all the states, after Maggi was launched in Tripura last week," an industry executive said. Last year, during the pre-ban period, Maggi instant noodles used to hold 78 per cent of the Rs 3,800 crore instant noodles market. It used to be available at 3.8 million outlets. The flagship noodle was banned on June 5, 2015.


Following its successful re-launch, Nestle has tied-up with Snapdeal to sell Maggi kits online, including freebies and gifts.

"Over the past 33 years, Maggi has become the most trusted and valuable food brand in India. I am also happy that we have gained month-on-month and we continue to lead the noodles category with over 50 per cent market share. We understand the changing lifestyles of generations and have constantly innovated products that add value to the favourite Maggi noodles. With the latest re-launch, we are aiming to provide more choices to suit consumer preferences, driving greater volumes and building back our market share," said Suresh Narayanan, chairman and managing director, Nestle India.

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